Slow Release Tourniquet

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Simple operation High Quality Medical Training Blood Collection Snap Tourniquet,clip tourniquet,buckle tourniquet

How to use:
1.Quick and Slow release tourniquet.just a button to open
2.The clip is inserted into the buckle box to form a loop
3.Pull the handle to stretch the elastic bandage to the appropriate position.
4.After the use of gently press the button,the button will automatically pop up easily.


1.Disposable, Eco-friendly
2.High elasticity---memory is maintained even after repeated stretching
3.Convenience---easy to apply and remove, non-slip textured surface
4.New design---can decrease the infection between the patients
5.Textured appearance, anti-skidding
6.Safer---avoid the infection in the blood collection and injection
7.Continuous drawing, taken immediately as you want, very quick and convenient
8.Comfortable&Safe to Patient/Doctor
9.TPE latex free eco-friendly material

Material: LABS + atex free elastic strap
Color: Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red ,white etc
Print: Customized Logo on clip or strap
Size: Relaxed ,for Adult and Child

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