Fishbone Tourniquet

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TPE Fish Bone Shaped Medical Tourniquet, disposable tourniquet


Latex- free Disposable Tourniquet
1.Single used
2.Simple Operation
3.Eco-friendly Material

Disposable blood tourniquet are sterile,continuous drawing, taken immediately as you want, you can draw it from the valvem very quick and convenient, are not infected, used to intravenous infusion and adoption of blood specimen. It is widely used for fastening the vein in blood collection. It is applicable to venipuncture for other medical purposes. Convenient for first aid.

Application Area:
Medical Materials&Accessories: Infusion,Stanch Bleeding,First Aid etc.

Material: TPE
Color: Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red ,white etc
Print: Customized Logo on clip or strap
Size: Relaxed ,for Child size and design

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