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Flat Latex- free Disposable Tourniquet

1.Qualified natural rubber.

2.Meet TESTEX standard.

3.Tested by SGS and CMA.

4.Excellent stretch recovery.

5.Tape design can reduce pressure,relieve user's uncomfortableness.

6.Improve blood samples quality.

7.Range of colours available.

8.Manufacture special size and quality requirements of customers.

Latex- free Disposable Tourniquet
1.Application Area
Medical Materials&Accessories: Infusion,Stanch Bleeding,First Aid etc.
2.Features and Benefits
-Simple Operation
-single-use disposable tourniquet is made of latex-free material to guarantee health protection for the patient
-Comfortable & Safe to Patient/Doctor
-Environment Friendly
-Wide Application
3.Type and Specification:

 -35*2.0*0.06cm       Glaze or Griding
 -40*2.0*0.06cm       Glaze or Griding
      Glaze or Griding



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