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 Hemostatic cuff,hemosaia cuff,pneumatic cuff,tourniquet cuff Application:

It is suitable for  testing  blood pressure of artery and vien during the operation,

Specification:  Single bladder and single hose Hemostasia Cuff  4 Sizes

     40x5cm: Child sleeve belt (small)  for baby

     50x7cm: Upper arm sleeve belt(medium-sized)  for arm,Children,Adult

     80x8cm: Thigh sleeve belt (medium-sized) for leg or arm ,Adult

  100x12cm: Lengthens the sleeve belt (outsize) for leg or arm, Adult

Made by TPU,High performance compound materials manufacture;Anti- divulges,the anti-detonation crack, bears the aging Does not contain the emulsion, ultra thin, is dexterous

Usage Instructions:
1. Take it out from the aseptic bag.
2. Connect to the ATS machine(Automatic tourniquet system) or Hand manual pump .
3. Check the blood pressure status from the ATS
4. Reusable tourniquet cuff, not single use, People can use after Fumigation  or Ultraviolet radiation disinfection.
It can use about half year.


Hemostic cuff with Manual pump



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